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concrete fragranced candle, 3.5 oz

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concrete candle in five scents and a fun pop of gold color. handmade in nashville, tn.

amber + smoke
top notes: balsam, amber
middle notes: cinnamon, patchouli, clove
base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, smoke

bergamot + mahogany
top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, citrus rind
middle: notes clary sage, eucalyptus, wild jasmine
base: note aged cedar, dark mahogany, amber

eucalyptus + santal
top notes: eucalyptus, cardamom, cucumber
middle notes: violet, plumeria, lemongrass
base notes: palm, sandalwood, bamboo

tobacco + patchouli
top notes: cinnamon, nutmeg
middle notes: patchouli, vetiver
base notes: tobacco, sandalwood, creamy vanilla

sea salt + sage
top notes: ocean air, lime, lemon
middle notes: sea spray, sea moss, lily
base notes: driftwood