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venice // large // terrazzo concrete tile

acacia lmc
alabaster l mixed c
alabaster lmc
alabaster lmc + lyc
alabaster lpc
alabaster lmc + lyc + lbc
alabaster lmc + lpc
alabaster lyc + myc
alabaster lmc + lpc + lbc
alabaster lmc + lyc + lpc
alabaster lbpc
alabaster lbc
acier lmc
acier lmc + lyc
coal lmc + lpc
ebony pomelo mix
quietude lpc
azure lbc
alabaster evergreen mix
mulberry lmc + lpc
mocha lmc + lpc
taupe lmc
acier lgc
alabaster lmc + lbc
beige lmc + lyc + lpc
millennial pink pomelo mix
quietude pomelo mix
lichen lmc
fossil lmc
mulberry lbc
quietude l mix c
azure lmc + lyc
alabaster pomelo mix
- +

venice large terrazzo tile

each sample is 4" x 4"

samples normally take 5 - 10 days to ship but some pieces may take up to 2 weeks

click here for more information about venice large