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ventura // concrete terrazzo toppings

alabaster xsmall marble mix
alabaster sandro mix
alabaster retro mix
ivory sweetgreen
alabaster verde mix
alabaster large white + black mix
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ventura real concrete terrazzo topping is poured in place to expose an integral color base with design. natural stone aggregate and split sand in a seamless floor. unlike traditional terrazzo, our ventura is natural concrete and not resin or epoxy based yielding a more organic aesthetic with superior sustainability attributes. designed to be thin, high-performance and ideal for interior commercial or residential flooring. ventura mix pairs perfectly with our pacifica pre-cast slabs for countertops.

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each sample is 4x4". mix and match whichever samples you would like. 6 piece limit.

samples normally take 5 - 10 days to ship but some pieces may take up to 2 weeks.

contact us for additional colors or trade inquiries. view more samples.