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concrete terrazzo planter

Designer: Concrete Love

black basalt
classic grey
green granite
red granite
white marble
- +

concrete terrazzo planters created in london, england. 

created with the carefully sourced aggregates and the highest quality Portland cement. the material is polished using a four stage process which strategically reveals the aggregate within, and is finished with a 10 year waterproof seal. 

each pot is made by hand so variations with color and texture are to be expected. 


small ·  3.5" h.  x  3.35" w. (inside width 2.55 in)

medium ·  4.75" h.  x  5.1" w.  (inside width 3.95 in)

large ·  8.85" h.  x  9.25" w.  (inside width 8.65 in)