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concrete jar candles

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candles are hand-made in california with 100% organic cotton wicks, 100% natural soy wax, paraben and phthalate-free, infused with high-quality essential oils, and fine fragrances.

fresh grapefruit
the sweet, fragrant scent of citrus and sunlight. bright and refreshing, this crisp and uplifting scent is like a sun drenched day. ideal for brightening any room in your home.
top notes: grapefruit, citrus
core notes: garden mint, lavendar
base notes: mandarin, lemon and thyme

orchid + salt / white
morning. the light, sunbathed scent of morning and sea-salted air. delicate and lightly floral.
top notes: green floral, sea salt
core notes: lily of the valley, jasmine
base notes: wood, ozone

sea + amber / light gray
noon. the warm, soothing scent of afternoon. a midday nap, a quiet moment, a sun-filled home. perfectly balanced, light middle tones. a pleasant, unisex, year round scent.
top notes: oceanic, aromatic
core notes: amber, lightly floral
base notes: cardamom, clove, musk 

oak + moss / dark gray
night. the deep, compelling scent of dusk. golden hour, the last light of the day, the warm glow of firelight. this is a warm and inviting scent.
top notes: herbal, fresh
core notes: oak, sage, moss
base notes: amber, sandalwood, musk

4oz concrete jar candles - 25 hour burn time
8oz concrete jar candles - 50 hour burn time
16oz concrete jar candles - 80 hour burn time