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trails // exterior pavers // large terrazzo // sample

surface texture
mint retro mix
valencia lm + lr + lb
quietude large rose
ebony retro mix
acacia large marble
mint verde mix
alabaster l mix c
alabaster lmc
alabaster lmc + lyc
alabaster large pink
alabaster lmc + lyc + lbc
alabaster lmc + lpc
alabaster lyc + myc
alabaster lmc+lpc+lbc
alabaster lmc + lyc+ lpc
alabaster ibpc
alabaster ibc
acier lmc
acier lmc+lyc
coal lmc + ipc
alabaster retro mix
alabaster sandro mix
alabaster sweetgreen mix
millennial pink retro mix
- +

trails premium architectural concrete pavers bridge inside to out. creating the perfect landscape for any condition. with a range of exterior textured surface finishes that are highly durable, wear resistant, slip resistant and colorfast. coordinating with our interior tile finishes for flow inside to out. available for use in mortar set, sand set, pedestal set and vehicular set systems. click here for more information about the product.

each sample is 4x4". mix and match whichever samples you would like. 6 piece limit.

samples normally take 5 - 10 days to ship but some pieces may take up to 2 weeks.

contact us for additional colors or trade inquiries. view more samples.