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pacifica // medium // concrete counter slabs

alabaster mmc
acier mmc
alabaster mcc
beige mcc
alabaster mmc + myc
alabaster mmc + mbc
ivory mgc
millennial pink mmc
ebony mgc
- +

pacifica concrete terrazzo slabs are through-body + bring the inherent beauty of concrete to your designer countertop. a highly-engineered mix of natural stone aggregates, sand and portland cement blended and hand-cast to create a product that is truly artisan. pacifica can be fabricated by a quality stone fabricator to suit design needs, similar to traditional stone slabs. highly durable, heat + scratch resistant and ideal for indoor and outdoor application like countertops, vanities, tables, desks and bbq click here for more information about the product.

each sample is 4x4". mix and match whichever samples you would like. please limit your choices to 6 pieces.

contact us - for additional colors or trade inquiries. view all samples.