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concrete terrazzo round sink

pierce green mmc + mbc
pierce green mmc
navy mmc
navy mmc + mbc
white ivory mmc
white ivory mmc + mbc
nassau mmc
nassau mmc + mbc
tang blue mmc
tang blue mmc + mbc
musk mmc
musk mmc + mbc
cappuccino mmc
cappuccino mmc + mbc
rain mmc
rain mmc + mbc
celador lime mmc
celador lime mmc +mbc
valencia mmc
valencia mmc + mbc
latte mmc
latte mmc + mbc
spa mmc
spa mmc + mbc
olive mmc
olive mmc + mbc
acacia mmc
acacia mmc + mbc
mulberry mmc
mulberry mmc + mbc
sable mmc
sable mmc + mbc
ash mmc
ash mmc + mbc
sky blue mmc
sky blue mmc + mbc
fossil mmc
fossil mmc + mbc
iris mmc
iris mmc + mbc
celano mmc
celano mmc + mbc
diablo mmc
diablo mmc + mbc
emerald mmc
emerald mmc + mbc
coffee mmc
coffee mmc + mbc
mosaic blue mmc
mosaic blue mmc + mbc
ebony mmc
ebony mmc + mbc
lilac mmc
lilac mmc + mbc
taupe mmc
taupe mmc + mbc
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Our products are made to order please allow a lead time of 8-10 weeks

collaborate with us customized colors are available, please contact us for additional colors or trade inquiries.

15-7/8" diameter
5-5/8" height
1-5/8" hole