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single tile // sparce

coal lmc+lpc
acier lmc+lyc
quietude l mix c
alabaster lmc+lyc+lpc
alabaster lmc+lpc+lbc
alabaster lmc+lyc+lbc
alabaster lpc
alabaster l mix c
alabaster lmc
alabaster lmc+lpc+lyc+ topaz
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sparce terrazzo concrete tiles feature a spacious distribution and arrangement of medium sized aggregate allowing the natural sand and cement base to shine through.

tiles in the venice line have honed surfaces and exposed natural stone aggregates. a fresh take on traditional terrazzo featuring timeless combinations of curated aggregates and concrete base colors making venice endlessly customizable. highly durable, low maintenance and ideal for high-traffic interior flooring, stairs and walls.

each sample is 8x8". mix and match whichever samples you would like. 6 piece limit.

as this is a brand new product line and the samples are made to order please allow 8-10 weeks for your sample to arrive. we thank you for your patience as we develop our inventory.

contact us for additional colors or trade inquiries. view more samples.